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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Pulling Together Campaign

Key messages to promote as part of the Pulling Together Campaign as pubs reopen on the 4th July are:

• Pubs reopening is great news: it will enable the consumption of alcohol in responsible, community settings, and make a huge positive difference to tackling social isolation.

• Pubs need customers to support them to make sure they can survive through the reopening period.

• We ask people to also consider supporting pubs that don’t have the capacity to fully reopen yet by using their takeaway and delivery services.

• Even if you can’t personally go back to the pub yet, you can still support beer and pubs by using takeaway and delivery services and Brew2You

• Consumers want to get back to the pub, enjoy cask beer, and have access to local and independent brands.

• The beer and pub industry has been a force for good during the COVID-19 lockdown and continues to do amazing work to help the COVID-19 response in their local communities.

This page introduces the “Pulling Together” campaign, which CAMRA has launched to help pubs and breweries during the current Coronavirus crisis.

Pubs, clubs, breweries and taprooms are hugely affected by the Coronavirus and many are facing tough times ahead. CAMRA is doing all it can to convince the government to give as much support as possible to help these businesses survive the crisis. In conjunction with the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), CAMRA is launching the “Pulling Together” campaign. This gives consumers and CAMRA members some easy steps to support their local pubs and breweries through the crisis. For obvious health reasons, this will mainly be an online campaign.

Check out the Campaign's Pulling Together.

1. What branches can do:

● Reach out to local pubs and breweries and encourage them to submit their initiatives on the website or submit them yourself with the permission of the business. You can email the campaign direct on ku.gro.armac@rehtegotgnillup.

● Share the website on your branch website and social media channels.

● Please contact Alan Molloy, Pub Campaigns Co-Ordinator at Pub Campaigns Co-Ordinator. . All branch committee members are listed on the SWM website, click here: Committee Members 2020

2. Crowdfunder.

● The fundraising website have launched “Pay It Forward”. It's a campaign for the general public to pay a little now and support the pubs they love while the Internal Memorandum industry is suffering the worst of the brunt of COVID-19. In return, pubs could offer pints/ meals for future redemption.

● It's easy for landlords/owners to set up, and Crowdfunder are paying all the fees so it's 100% free to do.

● The main link is here:

What branches can do:

● Encourage local pubs, breweries or tap rooms to sign up to the platform.

● Use your emails, website and social media channels to encourage members and the wider public to use the platform to support their local.

3. #pullingtogether.

● We know a lot of CAMRA members will be missing the social side of going down to the pub, so we will be using the hashtag #pullingtogether on social media to take the pub online.

What branches can do:

● Use the hashtag on social media to highlight the initiatives that local pubs, breweries and tap-rooms are undertaking.

● You can also encourage members to share their favourite pub stories as well as pictures of you enjoying a beer.

These are initial steps for the campaign, and we hope to expand the actions branches can take as the situation develops. We appreciate this is a difficult time and will endeavour to keep branches updated with national CAMRA advice and campaigns.